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Friday 26th April Croft NL*

Wednesday 1st May Brands Hatch Indy MSV*
Friday 3rd May Mallory Park NL*
Monday 20th May Brands Hatch Indy MSV*
Tuesday 21st May Donington Park GP NL*
Monday 27th May Donington Park GP MSV *
Tuesday 28th May Donington Park GP NL*
Thursday 30th May Cadwell MSV*


Monday 3rd June Snetterton MSV*
Tuesday 4th June Donington Park MSV*

Friday 7th June Mallory Park NL*

Monday 10th June Brands GP MSV*
Tuesday 11th June Brands Indy MSV*

Monday 24th June Donington Park GP MSV*
Wednesday 26th June Brands Hatch Indy MSV*
Thursday 27th June Donington Park GP NL*
Friday 28th June Mallory Park NL*


Monday 1st July Snetterton NL*
Tuesday 2nd July Brands Hatch GP MSV*

Saturday 6th July Cadwell Park MSV*

Tuesday 9th July Brands Hatch Indy MSV*
Thursday 11th July Donington Park GP NL*

Tuesday 16th July Brands Hatch GP NL*

Friday 19th July Mallory Park NL*
Monday 22nd July Donington Park GP MSV*

Friday 26th July Croft NL*

Tuesday 30th July Donington Park GP NL*

Thursday 1st August Cadwell Park NL*
Friday 2nd August Mallory Park NL*
Tuesday 6th August Donington Park GP NL*

Monday 12th August Donington Park GP MSV*
Tuesday 13th August Donington Park GP MSV*

Thursday 15th August Brands Hatch GP NL*
Monday 19th August Donington Park GP MSV*

Tuesday 20th August Donington Park GP NL*

Thursday 22nd August Brands Hatch Indy*
Saturday 24th August Mallory Park NL*
Thursday 29th August Donington Park GP NL*

Monday 2nd September Brands Hatch GP MSV*
Monday 23rd September Brands Hatch GP NL*

Season Finale – Blog, Two Special Rides

Season Finale – Blog, Two Special Rides

‘ I had a short break away from the National Superstock Calendar after splitting with the Russo Racing Team, post Cadwell Park. Shortly after, a ride was organised for a return at the final round aboard a very different machine, that being the Aprilia RSV4 RF, V4, of EHA Racing and Aprilia UK.

I was very excited to race at my Favourite Circuit, Brands Hatch GP, aboard the Aprilia, as I had not ridden a different Manufacturer’s motorcycle, other than Kawasaki, since 2011.
From initial study of the Aprilia, I had determined that I would suit the bike, with its small, short nature. This theory was confirmed in practice, upon my first ride of the bike.
I adapted to the motorcycle quickly, and thoroughly enjoyed riding the machine, even though it is totally different to what I am used to, and I got to know its character as the weekend played out.
By second qualifying we had broke through some initial goals I had set in place, and got down to a lap time of which was only a tenth of a second off my fastest ever time set around the GP circuit, to qualify in 10th position.

Photo Credit - Steve Addison
Photo Credit – Steve Addison
Coming in to race day my goals had been re assessed, and I now knew I could battle within the top 10, if given similar conditions to qualifying.
However, this would not be the case.
A wet but drying track met us on Race Day, giving us no choice but to make an educated guess of the set up.
This guess was made by myself and the team, but it did not pay off, and I struggled over the race distance to keep a constant pace from the restricted grip given.
16th place would be the final position, but my opinion on the Aprilia RSV4 RF did not change in that I believe I can succeed on it, given the appropriate amount of time on the bike to keep pace in any condition.

Thanks go out to the EHA Racing Team, Aprilia UK and my personal backers for the opportunity, of which I really appreciate. I thoroughly enjoyed racing with the EHA Racing Team, of whom I believe are set for success.

Photo Credit - JTW Photography
Photo Credit – JTW Photography

A guest ride was the last stop for 2016, at a race I’ve always wanted to compete in, that being the Sunflower Trophy at Bishops Court, Northern Ireland.

I’d race another special machine for Gearlink Kawasaki, on their ZX10R Superbike, against some experienced local riders, and established names from the British Superbike Championship.

A new circuit, bike and grip level would have to be learnt without appropriate practice, however we made fast improvements and managed to qualify on the front row on our first day.

I have raced in Supersport in the past with Gearlink Kawasaki, they are a team I am fond of, and of whom I enjoy racing with immensely. In both Superbike races I finished 4th, but in the Sunflower Trophy Race was unfortunately wiped out of the competition by another rider who crashed in to me on lap one.

I had hoped to deliver a podium result for the Gearlink Team aboard the Superbike, but nevertheless the team received great podiums from the Supersport riders who put on a great show. Fun was had by all, everyone enjoyed their racing, and I can’t thank Michael and Norma De Bidaph enough for the experience and opportunity.
Further thanks go out to the team for their hard work.

It has been a turbulent year. One that has not gone to plan, but yet I have worked hard at every endeavour, and hopefully shown my potential despite adversity.

I want to thank the people who have helped me throughout, your support means a lot, everyone knows who they are, and I’ll be in contact shortly if not already to thank you all personally.

In review, I’m still hungry to succeed.
One thing stays the same,
I want to win. ‘

Season Update

Season Blog: After the Cadwell Park round of the British Superbike Championship, I and the Russo Racing Team parted ways after a hard fight together in the National 1000 Superstock Championship.

Currently I am searching for a Ride to close the season off at Brands Hatch. With Brands being the place that has brought me most success in the recent past, and accompanied by my confidence at this track, I know I can battle for podiums in any class.
For the future I know I am a capable podium finisher, and that I have the skill to adapt and compete in any championship around the world.

I’m looking forward to a new beginning. image

Snetterton 2016 > The Turning Point

Once again in the 2016 British Superbike Championship Calendar, we would arrive at a race circuit under uncertainty for weather conditions, and was met by a humid, wet and warm weekend for Round 6 of the National 1000 Superstock Championship.

Following significant improvements in the handling of the 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R at Knockhill, we took the progression to Snetterton by feeling the improvements right away in Free Practice.

Suspension settings would be accurately changed between Free Practice and Qualifying 1 as the bike was producing good feel from the grip given.

In Qualifying 1, we were able to push to a 1:52:5, with winds high and grip levels low of which slotted us in to 10th position for a provisional qualifying spot.

Qualifying 2 was a wash out. We ventured out on an extremely slippery circuit to try and move closer to a wet setup should it be needed.

Warm Up
We made the most out of the 8 minutes by trying something very different to what we have tested in the past. This through up many questions about future set ups, so a valuable Warm Up was had.

Due to the changing conditions, no one bettered their qualifying time from QP1. We would start the race from the 4th row in 10th position.

An awful launch off of the line put me in the thick of the pack, dodging first lap crashes and elbowing throughout the first few corners.
Almost immediately, a safety car was deployed due to an enormous start straight accident.

The lights on the safety car went out at last moment on the final corner, of which left me with more of a gap than I would of wanted. I made this up right away and began to push through in a fight for 5th position.

It was one of the most aggressive races I have ridden, but I didn’t back down and eventually broke free to 5th place, dragging two BMW’s of Jenkinson and Elliot with me.
They passed me on the straights, but on the last lap, they both made a mistake at the hairpin, of which I capitalized on.
Unfortunately they passed me on the back straight again and I attacked in the final sector of the last lap to finally pull tight and get a good drive on to the start finish straight, I passed Jenkinson on the exit of the corner, to be out dragged under power to finish 7th at the line, 0.003 off of 6th at the line.

Later on we were awarded 6th after an ammendment to the classification.

I am very pleased with our improvements, and happy to be able to push like I did in the Snetterton race.
Thruxton, up next, is one of my favourite circuits, and I can’t wait to fight here as well.

My future goal now is to be on the podium at Brands Hatch GP on the first weekend of August.

Thank you to my Team and Supporters for their continued support and efforts.

Photo Credit: Steve Addison

Knockhill Blog

#SAP_6676 (2)

Knockhill was a possible turning point for James and NMT No Limits Russo Racing, where we found settings to increase pace and ran in 7th position before the unfortunate mechanical failure, of which forced retirement in the race.

Typical Summer Time Stormy Skies welcomed British Superbikes to Knockhill, 2016, where a turbulent weekend for weather played out.

For all sessions in Superstock 1000, it was effectively dry with some wet interruptions. Free Practice saw us get off to a steady start to build up to the track and get used to what the 2016 ZX10R had to offer. We lost a large chunk of time due to a rear brake malfunction which put us slightly on the back foot with settings to try.

With some setting changes, we went to work on improving, of which we did, but did not improve on position. I lacked feel from the bike and struggled to find the grip to push. P15 in Q1 on a 50.7 lap time sent us back to the drawing board.

The session looked as if it would be wet, but maraculously, around 20 minutes before the session, the track became dry enough to push for a lap time on.
We improved with a big and unconventional change to the suspension to put us 12th on the grid on a time of 50.336, some distance off of the capable pace, but an improvement nonetheless. Once more, we produced consistent lap times of which indicated a good race pace. This gave me confidence, but I was still uncertain of the bike’s set up, and what consistent grip would be available over the race distance.

Warm Up was a big boost as we found a small improvement from the previous day’s feedback. I was confident that I could be competitive in the race ahead.

A poor launch had me throwing gears at the bike to stay in pack on the way to turn one, where I left the brakes as late as I could to overtake on the inside.

The more aggressive first lap succeeded and we were running well in 7th position until around lap 8 when the bike through some unpredicted high revs under load, suggesting we had encountered a clutch problem. And this was the case. The clutch kept slipping for several laps until it finally gave up the ghost and forced me to retire.

It was a shame to have improved the way we did to end with a DNF, but our improvements show promise and a new base to start from for coming races.

Snetterton will be the next round, and my Goal will be for a top 6 finish. If we find confidence from the front end and consistent grip under acceleration, then we will have a good chance of doing so.

Thank you to my close supporters and Team NMT No Limits Russo Racing, Kawasaki UK Team Green for the opportunity.
#SAP_6213 TWM (1)

James holds out for points scoring position at Brands Hatch Indy

#SAP_3187 TWM

Brands Hatch Report

Round 3, but the 2nd National Race for myself and NMT No Limits Russo Racing.

We started on the back foot, but finished strong in the race, after one of the biggest crashes of my career in the week before at Donington Park in testing.

Free practice created realisation that a different bike was needed to be able to push to a respectable lap time, so we went in search of this with the laps given.

I made a decision in qualifying which found us some grip on the side of the tyre but slowed us in other areas. The lap time I put together put us in 14th position, on a time of 47.303.

In Warm up we found a setting of which gave us initial grip from the rear tyre on the throttle, and set the bike with a more stable height. We’d use this setting for the race.

Race > I got a good start and moved through some people in the row in front of me. In the first turn I pushed to the outside, then moved to the outside once again with the pack on the inside. The position held out on the first lap in 14th position.
Lap 2 We moved up to 12th place, moving through to 11th briefly, but losing out after a big slide at Clearways of which cost me a lot of time and created a gap.

I was struggling for drive, and would have to try and close a gap throughout the race. I made some headway throughout the race closing, on a BMW in front of me, but with the violent nature of the bike, I started to lose strength in my injured hand would have to smooth out my riding to keep the stamina. Finally after a tough race, I finished in 12th position.

The team did an outstanding job to get ready for Brands Hatch Indy, and the results did not justify this, so we will work hard to amend this, and move forward from the 13th place Championship Standing.

Thank you again to the team, Tommo, and to my close supporters.

Debut: James East scores first points for Kawasaki Team Green and NMT No Limits Russo Racing At Round 2 of the National 1000 Superstock Championship

East-RussoPhoto’s by Steve Addison Photography.


After a difficult pre season, of which left me without a ride, a call from Kawasaki Team Green orchestrated a new venture to race with Team NMT No Limits Russo Racing aboard the all new 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R.

The first wheels were turned at Oulton Park for the official BSB Test, of which was crucial track time as I had not ridden a motorcycle since the final round of the 2015 in October.

The objective is to develop the new bike, and myself, to create a package capable of achieving Podiums.

Round 2 saw us start the weekend with an unsettled weather report which was not ideal considering dry track time is paramount in these early stages, however in working with the Team and Andy from KAIS Ohlins, we made the most of the situations in Practice and Qualifying, and scored relatively highly with Top 10 placements in FP and QP1, with mixed conditions in QP2 also.

#SPA_0396Photo: Steve Addison

A suspension change for Morning Warm up brought to light an important factor for us in moving forward, and a new platform was reached in the development of the Motorcycle. But for the race, it would be a gamble between wet or dry tyres.

#SPA_0751 TWMPhoto: Steve Addison

Starting from 10th, Fourth Row, my choice was to use Wet Weather Tyres to avoid being pushed out on to a wet track in the early stages.
I made a good launch to the first turn and rode around the outside to jump from 10th to 3rd.
Making the most of the initial grip, I quickly moved up to 2nd place in the first sector, and took the lead by the third.

Leading the way on the first lap I tried to push while I had the grip to make as much as a gap as possible before the dry tyres came in to their own, but the sun came out and seemingly dried the track instantly to form a comfortable dry line.

#SPA_1170Photo: Steve Addison

Lap 2 saw advancements from other riders as I slipped to 3rd spot, and a race long battle on the soft set up and wet tyres would play out to finally finish the race, power sliding across the line to take 11th position.

#SPA_1680Photo: Steve Addison

The result was not ideal, and the tyres I chose were wrong, but the collaboration of efforts over the weekend by the entire team has created results ahead of schedule, and NMT No Limits Russo Racing are now on the Championship Table with positives to take in preparation for Round 3 at Brands Hatch Indy.

I am very appreciative of the team’s efforts and I am confident we will create a setup to play to the strengths of myself and the motorcycle so we can stand on the Podium in Superstock. Thank you Team.
I want to say thank you to my close supporters and family, and thank you to Team Green and Kawasaki for the opportunity this season.Further thanks go out to my personal supporters, Walters Medical, thank you all.

James East
Motorcycle Racer

2016 Plans Changed

After initially creating plans to compete in the British Superbike Championship in 2016, the FS-3 team and James have not agreed on final terms and therefore have parted ways.

James will establish new prospects and move forward in 2016.

James – “I will not be racing with FS-3 in the British Superbike Championship this season, and although I am gutted that this situation has come to fruition, my love for motorcycle racing will keep me pushing forward.

I am available and determined to race in 2016, and I know I have the proficient skill, and dexterity to adapt and succeed in any class, and in any championship, whether it be domestic, or on the World Stage.”

James East
Motorcycle Racer

Pre Release – East moves to the British Superbike Championship with FS-3


James East will race in the 2016 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, with a new team, FS-3 Racing. Headed by businessman Nigel Snook, the team are ready to make their debut campaign in the New Year.

The Coventry-based team will be officially launched next February, but already has strong foundations for their first season in MCE BSB. They have recently purchased race-winning hardware from PBM; including the Kawasaki ZX-10 machines campaigned by Shane Byrne and Stuart Easton in 2015.

The team is targeting 2016 as a learning experience with Snook’s friend and recently retired Ducati TriOptions Cup frontrunner, Darren Fry playing a key role in guiding the team. The team’s vision to run one bike in their opening season could then develop into a larger operation in their second year as they aim to become established in the premier class.

Team owner Nigel Snook commented: “The team’s philosophy is to bring on new talent and with that in mind we have James East joining us for 2016. He is a superbike rookie and we are giving him the opportunity to progress. We are now looking forward to the start of next year, when we will be announcing further details about the team and our plans for our new venture.”
Last updated: Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Update Blog


2016 is closing in and so is an update on my plans.

Thank you to the people in the background who are supporting me and making it come together,  I’m ready for the next level.

News to follow.