James holds out for points scoring position at Brands Hatch Indy

#SAP_3187 TWM

Brands Hatch Report

Round 3, but the 2nd National Race for myself and NMT No Limits Russo Racing.

We started on the back foot, but finished strong in the race, after one of the biggest crashes of my career in the week before at Donington Park in testing.

Free practice created realisation that a different bike was needed to be able to push to a respectable lap time, so we went in search of this with the laps given.

I made a decision in qualifying which found us some grip on the side of the tyre but slowed us in other areas. The lap time I put together put us in 14th position, on a time of 47.303.

In Warm up we found a setting of which gave us initial grip from the rear tyre on the throttle, and set the bike with a more stable height. We’d use this setting for the race.

Race > I got a good start and moved through some people in the row in front of me. In the first turn I pushed to the outside, then moved to the outside once again with the pack on the inside. The position held out on the first lap in 14th position.
Lap 2 We moved up to 12th place, moving through to 11th briefly, but losing out after a big slide at Clearways of which cost me a lot of time and created a gap.

I was struggling for drive, and would have to try and close a gap throughout the race. I made some headway throughout the race closing, on a BMW in front of me, but with the violent nature of the bike, I started to lose strength in my injured hand would have to smooth out my riding to keep the stamina. Finally after a tough race, I finished in 12th position.

The team did an outstanding job to get ready for Brands Hatch Indy, and the results did not justify this, so we will work hard to amend this, and move forward from the 13th place Championship Standing.

Thank you again to the team, Tommo, and to my close supporters.