East – Mid Season Update

After Knockhill James split with the Brabus Opus Team due to a raised and unjustified dispute.

The following rounds saw James, Race for the Tsingtao Team for one race at Brands Hatch and after, under new sponsorship, race with the ILR Kawasaki Team at both Oulton Park and Silverstone Superstock events, Silverstone racing alongside Moto GP.

James – ‘ It has been distressing time, but I cannot thank my supporters enough for their help. Thanks to friends sourcing new sponsors, who in turn have become friends, it has been possible for me to continue. I got off of the fantastic Ian Lougher run ILR Kawasaki at Silverstone not in a position I go racing for, but with a smile on my face after some old form was shown on track in a great race with Tom Tunstall.
I know what I’m capable of, and this will be shown in the future.’

Thanks go out to the continued supporters of James and his racing career.

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Points achieved in Knockhill Superstock thriller

Round 4 of the National 1000 Superstock Chmpionship was held north of the border, at the annual Scottish event, Knockhill, situated near Dunfermline in fife.

Typically this hasn’t been my best circuit, considering I have crashed and broke my leg twice here in the past, but I was confident in my abilities and the setup I had developed over the first quarter of the season.

We started off well in practice, setting a time fast enough for 12th place.

After changing the suspension settings a lot between sessions and altering the bike’s geometry I pushed hard in qualifying but struggled to generate a consistent feeling. I kept having moments where the bike would suddenly come around on me off the throttle but I did a time of 50.4 which was good enough for 16th place. Just two tenths off of the top 5.

Qualifying 2 was wet so we didn’t venture out as there was no chance of improving, however I didn’t let it phase me, I was ready to get a good start after a confidence boosting perfect practice start in warm-up.

The race. I got a brilliant start, I knew everyone would bottle neck in the first corner, so took a risk and moved left to the white line on the outside and rode around the outside in the first corner and up the inside on the curb in the 2nd, which put me through from 16th to 8th.

I made a good first lap staying out of trouble and set off after the leading bunch.
On lap two I made a mistake at the hairpin. Some riders in front got tangled on the approach, at which point I changed my line and tried to get to many gears to fast and locked in to a neutral and I run wide, missing the crashed riders on the inside of the turn.
I was back to around 15th position but locked in on getting back in the frame.
I quickly realised that side grip was a big problem with my set up so concentrated really hard on my corner exit to keep a consistent lap time and pushed through to 12th to finish in that very position.

I don’t like 12th but I am happy with the result and to score points. It’s a step forward, and back towards a pace I know I’m capable of.

Thank you to the Opus/Brabus Team and most importantly team manager Shaun Boyle for their great efforts. I hope they were happy with the progression. Thank you all.
Thank you to the team sponsors for their support.
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A special thanks to my personal sponsors for their fantastic continued support. Thank you for standing by me, it means a lot to me.

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Bad Luck at Snetterton and Confidence Boosting Thundersport Wins

From the worst luck at Snetterton comes progression and success at Oulton Park Thundersport Testing

James and the Opus Kawasaki Team worked to turn the ZX10R around in terms of setup at Snetterton.
With KTECH director Chris Taylor on hand during the sessions the team managed to achieve a qualifying position of 15th.
Unfortunately in the race after progressing through to 12th place, East along with 5 other riders fell foul to oil spilt by a retired motorcycle and crashed out of the race.
Johnny Wills Photography

James – ” I am disappointed, naturally, as we’ve finally turned the bike around and got to a position where we can be competitive and have been dealt a DNF through no fault of our own.
We will take our progression in set up and pace to Knockhill and prepare next weekend at Oulton Park to make sure we start off on the right foot.

Oulton Park Thundersport – The Adam Boyle Trophy
James East – ” It was fantastic to race at Oulton Park this weekend. We worked through practice and qualifying to get the bike to a stable set up that was comfortable.
I won both superstock races, only being beaten by a superbike, and consistently lapped faster than I have ever been around Oulton Park, with ease.
This weekend has proven that we have turned a new leaf, the team did a fantastic job and we are now ready to progress towards the finishes that I and the bike are capable of.”

James braking during qualifying after the Ayrton Senna Straight

Thank you to the Opus/Brabus Team and most importantly team manager Shaun Boyle for their great efforts at Oulton Park, I hope the finishes did them proud at their home track. More thanks go to Mark Fisher of for his advice, as well as Dave and all the Urn’s. Thank you all.

James And Team Manager Shaun Boyle after race one Thundersport GP1 superstock win

Thank you to the team sponsors for their support.
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A special thanks to my personal sponsors for their fantastic continued support.

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Drama filled weekend for James and the Opus Brabus Team

Oulton Park Round 2Hard work and persistence gives promise and a new look on the season ahead.

James East and the Opus/Brabus Kawasaki on track at Oulton Park

East and the Opus/Brabus Team battled through all kinds of adversity in the 2nd round of the National Superstock Championship, gaining important data which will be sure to change the course of the season after a tough start.

An un diagnosed handling problem plagued James in his performances at Brands Hatch and testing and would hinder his efforts at the demanding Cheshire circuit during practice, contributing to a crash on the 3rd lap of FP at the fast 4th gear Druids corner.
This put the team on the back foot and drama would commence in the first qualifying session when the motorcycle, post crash, would suffer some ignition damage and wouldn’t start.
With just under 5 minutes left in the Qualifying Practice the bike fired in to life, giving James enough time for an out lap and one flying lap, to confirm a grid spot on a 1:39:9.

James –
After a stressful start to the weekend I wanted to focus on putting a smooth lap together to secure a good qualifying position, but this was seemingly impossible.
The bike was violent on circuit, squatting and throwing me out of the seat, and despite my best efforts to keep the bike and myself under control, the best I could achieve was a 1:39:5 to put me 29th on the grid, snapping my steering damper bracket along the way after some huge moments.
I had never felt this kind of behaviour from a bikes’ handling before, so we studied the data to see what was causing the erratic handling.

After looking through the data and conferring with the suspension providers, a fault was found and diagnosed with a component controlling the damping in the rear suspension. A fault which could be fixed. I was pleased that a solution had been found for myself and the team, and the cure was confirmed in morning warm up where the bike felt better than ever.

In the race I got a good launch but was naturally caught up in all kinds of tussling for position in the first corners. The first lap was difficult and a massive crash in the chicane caused a safety car to be deployed.
When the safety car went in I set upon moving through the field but quickly came in to some trouble with the gearbox on the bike. Whether the earlier crash had caused a problem, the bike was not going in to 2nd gear, which was forcing me to run some corners in 3rd, ruining my drive.
I battled through to 21st before the red flag came out once more to end the race after another big accident.

Despite the gearbox issue I still bettered my time even in traffic to a 1:39:2, confirming the suspension issue was solved.

I am obviously disappointed with the result and the start of the season as a whole, but very happy with the effort being put in. The team put in a fantastic effort for me for which I am very grateful.

Despite round 2 not being successful in terms of results, we made a leap forward in terms of set up, fixing the major handling issue. From now on we can move on with a consistent motorcycle and refine the set up to fight for the results we deserve.

We will fix the transmission, carry the data forward and test with a competitive package prior to round 3 at Snetterton in June where I am confident we will be capable of achieving a top 10 result. I finished 6th in the race there in 2013. With our new approach I will be looking to achieve a similar result with an overall view of working towards podiums as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you to the Opus/Brabus Team for their outstanding efforts at Oulton Park. And Thank you to the team sponsors for their support.

A special thanks to my personal sponsors for their fantastic support.

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Benchmark set at Brands Hatch for James East and Opus Kawasaki

East " I'm determined to find a set up that works for me and push for race wins again. "

The first race of the season proved more than challenging for James and the team as they searched for a set up to push forward at round 1 Brands Hatch.

James – ” I entered the track in practice with an open mind as the Brands Hatch indy circuit is a lot different to anything we’ve rode on so far. I quickly realised when we started pushing for a lap time that the base settings we had found in testing was no longer enough to keep the bike stable and I struggled to meet apex’s and generate grip.
A respectable 47.3 lap time was only good enough for 27th place on the grid, but I could see the time in front of me of which we needed to achieve.
The race will be one I will want to forget when we get the results I know I am capable of, I struggled in the race to get the bike turned and power delivery was very difficult, 21st position was all I was able to achieve.
With help from KTECH over the weekend I now have more understanding of where we need to be and I will have a plan and a goal of what we need to achieve by the end of the day when we test at Oulton Park this friday 25/4/14, the top ten is the bench mark for round 2.
It’s time to go all in, I’m ready to work hard and get back on track.
Thank you to my team and sponsors for their support. ”

BSB testing will commence this friday 25/4/14 at the Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire.

" James is proud to carry the Walters Medical logo as his personal sponsor for 2014 "


Test Is A Success for Opus Kawasaki and James East

Opus Racing – James East
Cartagena Test 20-24th Feb

James on the Opus Kawasaki for the first time in Spain

Track activity kicked off for James East and Opus Racing in Spain with a 4 day test at the tricky Cartagena Circuit near Murcia.

Day 1 – Acquaintance
The aim of the game for day one was to have a shake down. The winter is a long time to be away from riding a 190BHP beast, so I did many laps just adjusting myself with the machine and the speed and finding my way around the technical circuit. I had visited Circuito De Cartagena once before in 2007 on a GP125 so suddenly the track felt very different.
Riding position was the only real change we made on day 1, such as handle bars, foot pegs etc.

Day 2 – New Components
We picked the pace up a little on day 2, and I started to get a feel for the KTech Suspension. I had not used this product before having used Bitubo previously on my 2013 ZX10.
The bike still felt familiar of course as it was a Kawasaki still, but the characteristics were very different once we found some speed and I started to notice the suspensions weak and plus points in comparison to what I was used to.
We made some damping changes to cope with the pace but overall I was pleased with the motorcycle underneath me, and the people around me who were working calm and professionally. Shaun – The team Co Coordinator, was working with me and adjusting the suspension accordingly whilst Jason, the team operative and Chef! would see me in to the garage and work the stands and warmers etc We are currently still looking for a technician to accompany us in the season.

Day 3 Pace finds changes, changes find pace.
Again the track experience allowed us to pick up the pace. I got to feel the bike on new tyres which let us show some good lap times. Now the grand old technical set up situation was being applied, the faster we went, the more finely tuned the suspension damping settings would need to be. Springs were changed and we also found the general riding position was to low so this was noted for future reference.

Day 4 Success
By the last day I was very happy with my motorbike. I had got used to the Ktech characteristics and could meet apex’s, control the bike consistently on a used tyre and generally ride fast. We used the last of the tyre allocation we brought with us, and finished with smiles as we had succeeded as a team.

I’m now looking forward to further testing in the UK, but more importantly Round 1 at Brands Hatch, the feeling I have for our expectations is nothing short of great. The podium beckons.

Walters Medical Confirm Personal Sponsorship Support With East For 2014

Hertfordshire based Walters Medical confirm they will support James as personal sponsors for his 2014 National Superstock 1000 title challenge.
After backing James in the latter part of the 2013 season, the unique medical supply specialists are excited to be involved for the coming season, as is James is to carry the brand name –
James East – “I am elated, grateful and humbled that the Walters Medical team will support me again for 2014. This season looks to be my most exciting season yet. I feel I have found the class for me on the 1000cc machine and having learnt so much is 2013, my first year, I will be proud to fly the Walters Medical banner, and to have them involved throughout the season with the success I know we can achieve. Thank you to Walters once more”.


Walters Medical Supporting James East 2014

James East Moves To Brabus Kawasaki

East in Superstock action at Knockhill 2013

James East will compete with the Opus/Brabus Kawasaki team in the National 1000 Superstock Championship for 2014.

The Cheshire based team approached James in December and came to an arrangement to compete on a new Kawasaki ZX10R with a view of pushing to take the championship. Testing will commence in the late part of February in Cartagena and James is now on the search for a race technician to accompany him and the team over the 12 rounds. Any interested inquirers can contact him on the details below.

James – “ I am very excited to get the 2014 season underway. I found the class for me on the 1000cc machine in 2013 with Idaq and I want to continue the momentum to be a contender for the title this year. Superbike is where I want to be, so I will be working hard to pull in the results for the Brabus Kawasaki Team and to give me the best chance of making the step up. “




Round 12 Brands Hatch GP – 10th

Back to Brands Hatch for the last round of the season and wet weather is on the cards.
After I lead the race for the first 6 laps earlier on in the year on the GP circuit until I was forced to retire I was confident I could fight again in the dry for a win.

Picture By Paul Egan

Free Practice
I’d say the track was 80% dry, but much of the back of the circuit was wet, as to not risk a crash I took it easy and got aquainted with the circuit again. 11th – 1:31:254.

1:28.905 I qualified 7th putting my fastest time in on the last lap of the session. When I came in for the new tyre I was held in pitlane as there was a suspected oil leak from my bike. This was contained and I had 2 laps to put the time in. It wasn’t good enough for pole but would put us in a good position for the race.

Qualifying 2
Q2 was wet but drying and no one improved. I took it steady in this session as to not risk a crash before the race.

Warm Up
I went out to confirm the bike was ready and to do a practice start in the wet as it would be my first wet race, the start was good and I was confident for the race.


I got a good launch but quickly realised that my set up was wrong when pushing on in the full wet. The bike was to hard and finding grip was a real balancing act. I dropped back to tenth but I am very happy with the way I rode, I kept my cool and rode my own race. 100% effort was put in to stay on the bike and hold my position and I finished the race in 10th position.
2013 has been a successful year for me, I think it’s clear I have found the class for me on the 1000cc machine, which has increased my confidence in working towards competing in superbike. Despite some unfortunate and unlucky set backs through out the year we have achieved some good results, especially for mine and Idaq’s first season. I believe I have learnt the fundamentals of how to be competitive on the 1000cc machine in 2013 and I am looking forward to working towards how I am going to take the title in 2014. I want to thank Mark and Sarah Roebuck for believing in me coming in to this season and giving me the opportunity, Colin for his advice and direction from Cadwell Park onwards, Dave my Mechanic for his tireless efforts and PCR for their input working on the motorcycles away from the meetings. Also a big thanks to my Dad for his input and always believing in me and standing by my decisions and my personal sponsors for without their support the season would not have been possible. Homechoice Carpets-Leeds – GHM Services – ToiletSpares.co.uk – Cougar Leathers – Bikers Division Ltd – Daytona Boots – R&G Racing – Samco Sport By Racebikebitz Ltd – Paul ‘Noddy’ Brown – Walters Medical

Silverstone RD 11 National Superstock – Bad Luck sums up the weekend

 Silverstone was an enjoyable weekend up until race day. Qualifying didn’t go my way with 13th place but I learnt an important lesson in the fact that effort isn’t always simple or physical action, espeically not on the 1000.
I made it hard work for my self on track with pushing my braking markers back on my strong areas and this effected my lap time. In the race I made an average start but made up for it in the first turns. Later on in the lap I quickly came to realise that the level of grip I had at the rear of the bike was unpredictable, I was having moments. On lap 6 Whilst in 11th the bike stepped out suddenly and I highsided, we’re still reviewing the bike and data to find out exactly what happened. I will take a number of things from this meeting, I will be focused on using the session’s to their fullest in the future and will stick to my markers. Silverstone gave me clarity that you can earn a faster lap and race time from precisely building on what you know you are capable, and that is with every aspect of your corner entry, apex and exit. It can’t be achieved by simple physical efforts promoting only one of these at a time.
I’m looking forward to Brands Hatch GP now, it is the last round and I am going to be working hard to make sure I get my best result yet.
Thank you to my personal sponsors
Homechoice Carpets-Leeds – GHM Services – ToiletSpares.co.uk – Cougar Leathers – Bikers Division Ltd – Daytona Boots – R&G Racing – Samco Sport By Racebikebitz Ltd – Paul ‘Noddy’ Brown – Walters Medical
Thank you to my mechanic Dave for all his efforts, Colin for his advise, Mark and Sarah for the opportunity, PCR and everyone in the team.