About Race Train

Ride. Race. RT

Race Train is a Motorcycle Racing Rider Development Company.

The core effort is to take any individual that is willing to learn, and piece together their approach, riding, and practice, to support and create an aperture for them to perform at their very best.

This value will allow new comers and confident track riders to create a foundation to work from, through theory created by Race Train and then tailor methods of practice specifically for the individual to progress their riding and make the most out of their time on track.

The goal is to have the rider generate consistently faster and controlled laps, of which they can feel proud of.

For professionals, these same core dynamics of Theory, Plus Tailored methods of practice, create a comprehensive coaching service of which supports the athlete in pulling all aspects of the sport in to line, to have the competitor running at 100% towards achieving their potential and chosen goals.

Ride. Race. RT.

About Race Train Tuition
Here’s what you can book on the site today.

1 to 1 Coaching Events
Book one of these dates and you will receive an entire day of Professional Rider coaching at a Track Day Event.
Our Professional Coaching Methods use GPS Data Logging and Camera footage to back up our theories and practice, so you can see in real time how you are progressing, as you feel it.

GP Events
GP Events are European Track Day Packages with Coaching on Grand Prix Circuits on the continent, these events are often over 2 or 3 Days, and can include Bike Transport, Accommodation, Coaching and Track Time, so all you need to do is get your things packed and yourself flown out to the circuit. Tuition is in Groups of up to 10 and you will receive tuition in an Academy Format, training as a Group. We leave time for you to try your new skills and enjoy your track time in your own way.
In our opinion, this option is the best way to progress on track, as there is up to 10 examples at any time to be able to pull from and work on.